Spam is a problem for everyone. So, at SpamResponse, we do more than just gather data—we take action to stop scammers and other threat actors in their tracks. 

We take a stand against spam

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What is Spam?


Spam, at its most basic, is an unsolicited message. In other words, it's a message that you didn't sign up for or ask to receive. Although lots of spam messages are marketing messages, spam also can be a way for criminals to collect information or lure unsuspecting consumers into scams. Now, more than ever, spam is being used to deliver malicious content and files to your device, exposing you to deceptive, fraudulent, and otherwise illegal activity. 

What Can You Do?


You should always be wary of emails or texts sent from people or businesses you don't recognize, and avoid opening them whenever possible. But, if you do encounter a message that you didn't ask to receive—especially when you think it might pose a potential risk to you or to others—it's important that you report it. In addition to reporting spam, scams, and other digital threats here at SpamResponse, you can find other resources in our RESOURCES section. 

When you report spam, SpamResponse uses the information you provide to help identify and track down scammers and other threat actors and the mechanisms they use to send spam in the marketplace. We document spam-related mobile and web experiences, using the information you provide to help target our investigations. Then, once we've gathered enough evidence, we work with businesses, technology providers, and other industry resources to shut down pathways for spam delivery. 


How We Help

Still Have Questions?


Dealing with spam can raise a lot of concerns. We've gathered a set of answers to frequently asked questions to help you identify spam, scams, and digital threats and mitigate the risks they present. Although we do our best to combat spam out in the market, awareness of spam-related risks can help you fight spam at home. 

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