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The SpamResponse mobile application was created by WMC Global, a cybersecurity company with an emphasis on phishing and securing the telecommunications space.





Specializing in market intelligence, data analysis, and enterprise consulting, WMC Global combines information and resources from all three areas to deliver products that work together to create positive consumer experiences and sustainable revenue streams across digital services. By monitoring, capturing, and analyzing third-party activity and the in-market experiences surrounding digital services, we deliver actionable information on potential issues and empower businesses to address service and compliance issues to improve the customer experience.


WMC Global's seasoned professionals bring deep expertise supporting digital services, helping businesses exercise best practices and improve customer experiences across their advertising, products, and services. Our sophisticated data analysis and business intelligence teams combine in-market activity, client data, and third-party data to deliver actionable information in critical areas, implementing fraud detection, managing risk, and tracking partner and service performance. We empower digital businesses to build consumer confidence in their brands while managing and growing robust, sustainable marketplaces.






WMC Global works with brands and organizations around the world, including telecommunications providers, advertising networks, industry associations, and regulatory bodies, to help deliver insight into digital experiences. To learn more about our company and its products and services, visit us at




WMC Global was established by mobile data industry and youth marketing experts specializing in SMS interoperability solutions and B2C mobile content marketing. Recognizing the carriers' need to collaborate with third-party developers while providing market oversight, they founded Wireless Media Consulting (later renamed WMC Global) in January 2006 and began working immediately with two major US carriers. Expanding beyond mobile to encompass all digital service sectors, WMC Global now works with businesses across the world to create transparency around both in-market practices and the entities that engage in them.