Report spam text messages with the swipe of a finger.

Introducing the SpamResponse app—an app designed for consumers like you to easily report spam text messages on your phone with your contacts seamlessly filtered out, so you don't accidentally report friends and family as spam.


With a simple swipe, you contribute to a safer messaging experience for all consumers. Each spam text message reported provides information needed to investigate and take action against spammers.

Report unwanted messages

Simply swipe right on a text message within the app to report it as spam. Don’t worry—if you’ve reported a message by accident, you can always undo.


Select multiple messages

Received numerous spam messages? Use multiselect and save time reporting.


Collaborate for better digital security

When you report a text as spam, SpamResponse investigates the message to map spammers’ online activities. Then, we work with others in the cyber-security industry to limit the impact of spam on consumers like you.



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